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The ECO aspect of Octavio

Every two or three years we need a new smartphone, newer and bigger televisions are sold every day and laptops need to be smarter, faster and lighter than ever before. It is not surprising that e-waste is becoming a real problem.

Often people don’t know how big this problem is, but that doesn’t make it less of a growing problem. When we say growing problem, we are talking rapidly increasing numbers. Every year there is 50 million tons e-waste. A number that in 2050 will have increased to 110 million tons a year. This makes e-waste the fastest growing waste stream in the world according the UN.

A lot of speakers need the support of the factory that made it, to keep functioning properly. Once they lose this support, they start to lose their value. Although they might not be up to date with the latest technologies, they still work fine. Over 30% of the speakers that are thrown out every year still work. This is the kind of over consumption that makes the e-waste mountain way bigger than it needs to be.

What can you do when you have an old speaker system but you still want to benefit from the latest technologies? Use Octavio! Octavio tries to take part in the fight against unnecessary electronical waste and gives your old systems a second chance in life. Because of the high range of systems that are compatible with Octavio, there is no need to throw out the old ones just to enjoy the latest technologies.

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