Octavio, an adventure eco-responsible

Thrown speakers still working


Thrown speakers still working



Of speakers are replaced for their lack of functionality

At Octavio, we are convinced that overconsumption of this kind of equipment can be avoided.


Why renew your entire audio system when it is still working? Because you want to benefit the latest technologies, of course. In that regard, we have to admit we also love the latest innovations. Nevertheless, we like our eco-system as well. 

Rather than imposing a new sound color on you, and forcing your old speakers to go into the closet, we choose to give them a second lease of life. Because after all, they play music, and that's all we ask of them. The rest, Octavio takes care of.


Octavio makes any system compatible with current sound broadcasting technologies and is regularly updated, so you always benefit from the latest innovations.

Program aging and repairability, a hot topic.

The Octavio device is designed to be fully repairable. Indeed, Octavio is made up of several parts, independent from each other. Something wrong with the sound card? We replace the defective part, keeping the rest of the device intact. The casing can be dismantled, to easily repair all the parts inside the device.


The after-sales service is entirely carried out by the Octavio team in France. French know-how is still popular, and we intend to prove it.

The iot device that respects your privacy

Everything that happens at home stays at home. We have no desire and no interest in collecting your personal data.

Octavio is fully secure, and benefits from regular security updates.

Victor Gignon

Marketing and sales management

3D Design

Saxophonist at heart, I am also passionate about new innovations. Because I am a real perfectionist and I always pay attention to details, I consider participating in the development of a product like Octavio as a real accomplishment. 

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David Minard



Music has been my passion from an early age. Besides being a drummer in my spare time, I have always been passionate about technology. More particularly about development and the network..

Developing Octavio sounded obvious, and the adventure has only just begun.

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Octavio was born from the meeting of two music enthusiasts, Victor and David. It was on the benches of the university, during our master in musicology that we had the idea of creating Octavio.


Passionate about music and new technologies, we both found ourselves facing the same problem when listening to music at home: as soon as we left a room, we no longer heard the music being played in that room. So we decided to create a device that would allow us to listen to our music without interruption, in all rooms of our house.


Once the device was created, we witnessed the enthusiasm of our friends for our creation, so we decided to allow everyone to benefit from this innovation. It is therefore after many hours spent improving the solution, numerous tests carried out with a large panel that we are happy to announce the launch of Octavio.


Incubated at Plaine Images, we discovered a real entrepreneurial spirit, each one found his place within the management of Octavio, in order to give ourselves the means to carry out this project, we decided to call on a crowdfunding platform to safely launch this project that is so dear to our hearts and for which the potential is very strong!

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