Is Octavio compatible with my speakers?

Octavio is compatible with any pre-amplified speaker (bluetooth speaker, hi-fi system, sound bar...), that has an auxilixiare input (please see the picture below). Your Octavio device will be delivered with a 3.5mm jack cable, an RCA cable or an optical cable, to connect to the following connectors:

How many devices do I need?

To get the most out of the system, connect an Octavio device to each of your audio equipment in different rooms.

Can I equip myself with devices as I go along?

Octavio is totally evolutionary. It is up to you to gradually equip yourself with Octavio devices, and to configure them to your Wi-Fi network so that they can be compatible with your other devices.

How does the after-sales work?

The after-sales service is managed entirely in France, by the Octavio team. Octavio has been designed to be fully repairable. If a part is defective, we only replace that one part. Octavio's eco-responsible DNA is a real promise, and we want to keep it to the maximum.

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